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About us


We EMLINDIA are here to acclaim our unnoticed Emerging leaders and we have taken a firm step to introduce all the hidden local political leaders to society. Below you’ll come to know in detail about our company and how it works. I am sure you won’t regret choosing us.

So let us begin.



People always remember the leader who are frequently visible and audible. Such leaders always come closer to the people. So here's the deal, EMLINDIA mission is to give our leaders an opportunity to rise and shine. We promote the ideas & views of these Leaders on our Digital Platform i.e., our Website and all over our social Media Pages.


So here’s the deal, EMLINDIA mission is to give our leaders a chance to rise and shine. We create the identity of these politicians in social media and all over the internet. The Internet is a strong way or a vital route for these leaders to outshine themselves and we push ourselves to give a helping hand to these people to introduce themselves in the point of reference. We charge a few amounts which is absolutely reasonable and affordable by giving them 1 year of extra validity.



A Simple post on Face book, a beautiful picture on Instagram or a quirky Tweet in Twitter are doing wonders now a days. Nowadays, Media has shifted from Newspaper, and Television to Smart Phone. Handy mobile phone contains all information, people are more comfortable checking all enquires/information here, and thus making mobile and internet a ‘Power House’ to bring revolution. Digital Media helps to spread the message in a relaxed and conversational way.

Digital Media is cost efficient despite of huge coverage. Digital Media covers more target groups with only one half of the cost incurred through traditional Media with double impact.


Let me give a brief detail about the working of our company EMLINDIA. Through our digital platform we take forward the leader to his people with extensive information about himself. We do this by posting the detailed aspirations, perspective and thoughts of the Leader on the EMLINDIA website. We also promote the same on our various social Media pages like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram etc. By spreading the same information on various social media platforms, more awareness is created among the people about the leader.