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Gandrakota Sreedevi Sudheer | MPP | Mulugu | Telangana | TRS

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Telangana MPP gandrakota sudheer and Sridevi

Name                           : Gandrakota Sudheer
Date of Birth              : 20-03-1985
Father name               : Sri G Jambayya
Mother Name             : Smt G Bhadramma
Education                    : Degree
Spouse Name             : Smt Sridevi
Position                       : MPP
Consituency               : Mulugu
Party                            : TRS Party

EMLINDIA Visited Sri. Gandrakota Sreedevi Sudheer Garu and had a face to face interaction about his thoughts, aspirations and his emotions. Here it is to EMLINDIA readers through his words…

Goal behind joining Public Service:

My goal behind joining Public Service is “ To serve the people, to share in the happiness and sadness of the people ”.

Political Journey:

  1. In 2009, I served as Mulugu Mandal President
  2. I contest Independently in sarpanch elections
  3. I am also a member of the Mulugu District movement practice committee.

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