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Jonnagadla Naveen Kumar | Vice-President(Arya Vysya Sangam) | Madanapalle | Andhra Pradesh | YSRCP

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jonnagadla Naveen Kumar

Name                                      : Jonnagadla Naveen Kumar
Age                                           : 48
Father’s name                       : Sri J Baba Vara Prasad(Late)
Mother’s name                      : Smt J VaraLakshmi
Educational Qualification   : B.Com
Position                                    : Vice-President(Arya Vysya Sangam)
Village                                       : Madanapalle
Party                                         : YSRCP Party

EMLINDIA Visited Sri. Jonnagadla Naveen Kumar Garu had a face to face interaction about his thoughts, aspirations and his emotions. Here it is to EMLINDIA readers through his words…

Goal behind joining the public service:

To Serve the people.

Inspired by which social personality:

J Baba Vara Prasad Garu – My Father

Political Admirer:

  1. Mithun Reddy (MP)

Political Journey:

  1. Worked as TDP old town Incharge from 2003-2010
  2. Worked as Arya Vysya Yuvajana Sangam President from 2009-2015
  3. Currently serving as Vice-President of Arya Vysya Sangam

Any three major issues need to be addressed in your Constituency:

  1. Need to update voters list
  2. To maintain clean and green
  3. Traffic Issues

Your Hobbies:

Tennis, Carroms, Snookers,  Shuttle & Chess. 

Social Media Presence:

Conducting Trilokekar Hockey Tournaments for more than 20 years.

Your Strengths: 

Society Youth & Community.

We Thank Sri Jonnagadla Naveen Kumar for sharing his unknown insights exclusively to EMLINDIA DIGITAL MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. EMLINDIA always wishes Sri Jonnagadla Naveen Kumar garu a great success in his future endeavors.