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Naresh Mohan Naidu Narala | Congress OBC Cell Chairman | Khammam | Telangana | Congress

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naresh mohan naidu narala

Name                   : Naresh Mohan Naidu Narala
Age                      : 35
Father name       : Sri Narala Sathyam (Ex Servicemen – Army)
Mother Name     : Smt Ramulamma
Education            :  B.Com
Profession           :  Congress OBC Cell Chairman( 2017-present)
Constituency       :  Khammam
Political Party     :  Indian Nationa Congress Party

EMLINDIA Visited Sri. Naresh Mohan Naidu Narala garu and there was an exclusive conversation. He opened up on many things. We are sharing a few detailed insights for our readers in his own words… 

Objectives of Joining Politics:

My main objective for joining politics is Social Well-being. My Aspiration is to make India a Non- Corrupt India.

Your Political Admirer:

Indira Gandhi & Batti Vikramarka

Leaders whom you admire most:

I admire Rahul Gandhi, who is the President of Congress Party

Political Journey:

  1. I started my political Journey in 2016 from No Hunger Thursday Swachanda Samstha. 
  2. From 2017, I Started working as Congress OBC Cell Chairman.

Important issues to be addressed in Khammam:

  1. Expansion of Gandhi Roads
  2. Unadulterated foods
  3. Abolishing dirty water
  4. Development of Unemployment


Playing Cricket & Reading Books.

Book you like the most:

Leo Toll Story (God Sees Truth But Waits)

Your Strength:

My Congress Party is my strength. 

We Thank Sri Narala Naresh Mohan Naidu garu for sharing his unknown insights exclusively to EMLINDIA DIGITAL MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. EMLINDIA always wishes Sri Narala Naresh Mohan Naidu garu a great success in his future endeavors.  

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