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Siddala Deepa | Tattivaripalli Sarpanch | Madanapalle | Andhra Pradesh | YSRCP

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siddala Deepa

Name                                      : Siddala Deepa
Age                                           : 45
Father’s name                       : Sri T Baskar Reddy
Mother’s name                      : Smt T Reddamma
Educational Qualification   : B.A
Position                                    : Sarpanch – Tattivaripalli
Village                                       : Tattivaripalli, Madanapalle
Party                                         : YSRCP Party

EMLINDIA Visited Sri. Siddala Deepa Garu had a face to face interaction about his thoughts, aspirations and his emotions. Here it is to EMLINDIA readers through his words…

Siddala Deepa Political Journey:

Siddala Deepa was born in 1976 to Mr. T. Bhaskar Reddy and Mrs. T. Reddemma in Tattivaripalli Village in Madanapalle Mandal. Siddala Vema Reddy (Chandrasekhar Reddy), husband of Siddala Deepa, was the former Sarpanch of Tattivaripalli. Siddhala Deepa made his political debut with the intention of serving the people of Tattivaripalli village people who believed in her family. 

Siddala Deepa has been influenced by many leaders politically. Among them were the late former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Shri YS Rajasekhar Reddy and the present Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Siddala Deepa’s father, with the encouragement of the late Shri T Bhaskar Reddy and her husband Sri Siddala Vemareddy (Chandra Shekhar Reddy), contested and won as the Tattivaripalli village sarpanch

Siddala Vemareddy (Chandra Shekhar Reddy) as the former Sarpanch was appreciated for his services to the Tattivaripalli village and the people of Tattivaripalli unanimously elected Siddala Deepa with the help of Madanapalle MLA Nawaz Basha. Tattivaripalli, who believes in Siddala Deepa, said she is always available to the villagers and maintains the trust placed by the villagers on her family. Suddala Deepa said that the people of the village are her strength and she will further develop her village with the help of her husband.

Siddala Deepa, who is currently the sarpanch of Tattivaripalli village, mentioned three main problems that need to be solved. They are:

  1. School establishment
  2. Construction of latrines for the poor
  3. Always keeping Thattivaripalli village green and clean.

We Thank Sri Siddala Deepa garu for sharing his unknown insights exclusively to EMLINDIA DIGITAL MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. EMLINDIA always wishes Sri Siddala Deepa garu a great success in his future endeavors.

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